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Size Matters

Our equipment is what sets us apart from others. It is our truck-mounted vacuum system and compressor that are the work horses of our operation. If the company you hire can move their vacuum out of their van or trailer with a wheeler, you have to wonder if it has enough suction to do a thorough cleaning.

The Vacuum

Mounted inside the A-1 cube van is our vacuum. A 27 HP twin cylinder Kohler engine powers this unit to produce more than enough suction for the jobs we tackle. Dirt and debris are sucked out of your s​ystem quickly and easily.

Our vacuum stands apart from all the portable units out there.

The Compressor - 240 PSI

A Honda engine drives this compressor to a whopping 240 PSI, which is almost double the pressure of most other units out there. What this means to you is a faster, more aggressive cleaning when powering the cleaning tools we use inside your ducts.

We simply do a better job with better equipment and this compressor proves once again how we stand apart from the others.

The Cleaning Tools

The picture just doesn't do justice to the variety of cleaning equipment we have. We are continually adding the newest and very best from any supplier we find. When 240 PSI of air is blasting through the whips, air nozzles, or our newly purchased brush system, clean happens.

Inspection Camera

Pictures are frequently taken to ensure a thorough cleaning or to inspect problem areas. ​

It is always satisfying to see a job done by A-1!

The B&G Fogger

This is the industry standard for properly applying a sanitizer/disinfectant​ inside your system. We use it with confidence knowing it delivers the exact amount of product required. Make sure to ask about this service.

No squirt bottles with A-1. Better equipment=better results.

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